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Vision & Values

Be The Best You Can Be

Our Vision

We want our children to feel safe, happy and valued and develop into successful learners, who achieve their full potential and become responsible and caring members of the community. 

Our Ethos

  • Our school is a nurturing environment with a real family-feel and strong relationships with children and parents.
  • Our curriculum promotes curiosity and a lifelong love of learning and enriches our children’s time in school with meaningful and memorable experiences.
  • Our team is made up of committed and talented teachers, teaching assistants, office and premises staff and we are supported by a dedicated Governing Board.


When we revisited our school values in 2021 to design a new logo, our parents and children told us that:

  • We are a WARM AND FRIENDLY place to learn, where everyone is valued and cared for.
  • Our school is A HAPPY school, where pupils are polite and behave well.
  • Pupils ENJOY coming to school because their curriculum is EXCITING. They are curious and want to learn new things.
  • This is a school where children take GREAT PRIDE in their work and make every effort to do their BEST. 

The logo we produced together is a happy logo with our children at the heart of it, representing us as a family, who care for and look after each other. It shows how important books and learning are to us and how we work together to be the best that we can be.


Our Values


This can be seen in the everyday interactions between our children and staff.  It is also reinforced through assemblies, our PSHE curriculum and school initiatives to support vulnerable groups within and beyond our school community. We encourage our children to share kindness with others every day through small acts, such as a smile, a kind word or deed.


This is threaded through all aspects of school life. Our children are taught to respect themselves and show respect to others, learning to celebrate diversity and to embrace the differences that make us unique individuals. Through our curriculum, they gain an understanding of different faiths, cultures and traditions, which they may not otherwise have encountered and learn the values of tolerance and understanding. They also learn to respect the natural world and recognise there are ways we can help to protect it. 


Our children are encouraged to communicate, listen, co-operate and work together as a team to help each other to achieve our goals. They are responsible for their own learning and that of their teammates. Through teamwork, we can achieve things we may not be able to do alone, we learn compromise and negotiation and really see the benefits of co-operating with others. 


We regularly discuss the value of high aspirations - setting goals and working hard to achieve them. Our aim is to equip pupils to discover and nurture their talents and passions in order for them to lead happy and fulfilled lives. We want our children to have NO LIMITS to their ambitions and our curriculum has been carefully crafted to allow our children to achieve their true potential.


This is probably something that we refer to the most with our children, as without it, they will not be able to take on the next step of their learning. They know that we have to weather the storm, go back, try again, learn from mistakes and keep working hard to achieve our goals.  We call it ‘BEAR’ – bounce back and be brave, encourage everyone, awesome attitude and remember resilience and we reinforce this across our curriculum. 

Love of Learning

We are passionate about providing our children with the skills and knowledge to become life-long learners. Through our broad, creative and challenging curriculum, we encourage them to explore ideas, make connections and think creatively, aiming to ignite a natural curiosity and a love of books and learning that they will take into their next stage of education and beyond.