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Our Staff


Mrs W Fowler – Headteacher

Mrs D Percival – Deputy Headteacher

Teaching and Support Staff

Mrs H Johnson – Nursery Teacher

Mrs R Littlefair – Reception Teacher

Mrs D Innes – EYFS Support

Mrs M Maughan – EYFS Support

Mrs A. Monaghan – EYFS Support

Miss L Bannister -Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss C Bell – Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss C Baggott – Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss M Davidson – Year 1/2 Support

Mrs L Oliver- Year 1/2 Support

Mrs D Percival – Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss A Lee-Haigh – Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs L Bull – Year 3/4 Teacher

Mrs D Blakey – Y3/4 Support

Miss L Balsdon – Y3/4 Support

Mrs J Brunger – Y3/4 Support

Mr Pratt – Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs G Aiston - Y5/6 Teacher

Miss J Dakers – Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs M Booth – Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs L Mason – Y5/6 Support

Mrs L Kirby - PPA Teacher

Mrs C Stronach – School Counsellor

Business and Premises

Miss V Mills – Office Manager

Mrs G Graham – Clerical Assistant

Mr G Laing – Site Supervisor

Mrs W Barker – Cleaner in Charge

Mrs T Moon - Cleaner

Mrs J Macdonald - Cleaner

Mrs G Lowes - Cleaner

Kitchen, Lunchtime and Extended Services

Mrs A Tait Head – Cook in Charge

Mrs D Roach – Catering Assistant

Mrs E Mewes - Catering Assistant

Mrs J Plender - Catering Assistant

Mrs G Molloy – Breakfast/Lunchtime/Teatime

Mrs H Ellis – Breakfast/Lunchtime/Teatime

Mrs J McRae – Breakfast/Lunchtime/Teatime